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Chad Bio


Chad Romero, the penultimat showman, introduced himself to the scene in the bands, 'The Cucaracha Club' and 'Detroit Motor town'. Quick to gain a following Chad branched out with The Rockin' 'Chad and The Cadillacs', and the jazzy 'Chad Romero 5'.

Chad also moved into th theatre circuit, co-writing and starring in the immensely popular '6 O'clock Rock' playing to packed houses at The Adelaide Festival Thetre, and touring across Australia, including The Sunshine and Gold Coast and Perth's Burswood Casino.

In between there was time for a host of TV appearances as well as 'Carols by Candlelight' and the 'Grand Prix'.

Later based in Melbourne, Chad also worked in the Stand-up Comedy circiut, also starring in 'Club Vegas'. Chad also wowed audiences in Europe residing in the Mediteranean from 1996-99 with his hilariously unique approach to classic hits and classic artists such as Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra, Elvis, James Brown and Tom Jones amongst many others, also performing a host of worldwide satellite TV appearances.

Based back in Adelaide since 2001, Chad Romero has continued to expand his fan base with Chad Romero's Cabernet Cabaret, a kooky popular party combo, still going strong and currently sending crowds crazy, performing in many major festivals and special events across Oz. He also co-wrote and produced the cabaret show 'Gorgonzola D'amour' which played at The Adelaide Fringe Festival and The Melbourne Fringe.